We're A Cannabis-Centric Creative Agency

Providing Strategic Branding Solutions and Consulting Services For Cannabis & Hemp Businesses

Let's show the world what cannabis can do.

What We Do

McBlaze Media provides creative marketing solutions for businesses working in and around the cannabis industry.

Specifically, we help our clients identify, source, and develop innovative hemp products with specializations in print, packaging, and apparel. We also provide strategic consulting services for business development, marketing strategy, and regulatory compliance.

Whether your business exists only online or you have several physical locations, we will help you bring your ideas from concept to reality while simultaneously adding value to your brand.


Why We Do It

McBlaze Media is helping the world discover what cannabis can do. 

Our goal is to support and develop businesses that demonstrate the cannabis plant’s full potential as a medicine, climate remediator, and provider of high-quality consumer and industrial goods. 

McBlaze Media is proud to be working alongside brands, nonprofits, and advocates who share and embody our mission to show the world what cannabis can do. 

We hope you’ll join us.

Need help building your cannabis brand?

Our Services

Print Marketing

Through our subsidiary brands and global network of partners, McBlaze Media offers the largest selection of hemp-based print products on the market. With 50% of business waste coming from paper, switching to hemp paper is one of the best ways to reduce the ecological footprint of your business. Our hemp printing services are provided by our subsidiary, Custom Hemp Solutions

Promotional Goods

Custom-branded products traditionally used in promotional marketing don’t tend to be produced in the most sustainable fashion. That’s why McBlaze Media offers high-performance and earth-friendly alternatives made from hemp. From flyers and brochures to hats and t-shirts, we’re helping brands rediscover the benefits of using hemp. Hemp printing services are provided by our subsidiary, Custom Hemp Solutions

Market Research

We help our clients identify opportunities for product development, market expansion, audience targeting, and more. 

With over a decade of experience in the ever-changing hemp and cannabis industries, and a powerful network of businesses, policy professionals, and cannabis industry insiders, McBlaze Media is here to help steer your brand in the right direction. 

Digital Marketing

If you’re new to online marketing in cannabis, we’re here to help. 

While we believe cannabis businesses should be free to advertise online like any other business, unfortunately the industry is all too often discriminated against when it comes to advertising online. 

But don’t let this stop you from launching your dream business! McBlaze Media has the creative solutions you need to thrive online.


Have an idea but worried about navigating the regulatory landscape?

We’re here to help.

Our team brings over a decade of cannabis policy experience to the table and have created several cannabis-related brands of our own. As a result, we’re uniquely positioned to help you overcome both business and regulatory challenges.


McBlaze Media’s keen understanding of cannabis helps you cut through the noise coming from today’s crowded market.

We know cannabis from its rich history and culture to its promising future and market potential. That’s why we know how to craft branding and marketing strategies that make sense for your company, your products, and your audience.

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