About Us

McBlaze Media is owned and operated by passionate advocates who are dedicated to showing the world what cannabis can do.

Our Founder

Sam McBee

Founder and CEO

Nicknamed “Sam McBlaze” by the upperclassmen in his high school, Sam has been advocating for cannabis for almost 15 years. 

In 2011, his dedication to showing the world what cannabis can do led him to Washington, DC where he attended American University and founded his own student hemp advocacy group. 

After graduating, Sam worked as an independent political strategist while enjoying his favorite hobby of cultivating his own cannabis at home and teaching others how to do the same. He won two first place cultivation awards in 2016 and by 2018 he made the decision to focus less on politics and more on helping people through business.

Sam launched McBlaze Media in 2019 and since then has been laser focused on building a family of brands that will show the world what cannabis can do.

When he’s not building cannabis brands, Sam enjoys attending live music events and learning as much as he possibly can about our beautiful world. 


This is how Sam looks at people who try to give him excuses for why they’re not using hemp… captured at the Global Climate Strike in 2019

The McBlaze Media Family

McBlaze Media, LLC currently owns and operates three cannabis-inspired brands with more in the works for 2022 and beyond. Each brand focuses on a different aspect of cannabis industry, culture, and community, and together they’re showing the world what cannabis can do.

  • McBlaze Media – McBlaze Media provides consulting services for cannabis and hemp brands
  • Potography – Potography is an online community for cannabis photographers, which runs monthly photo contests and prints cannabis art on cannabis (hemp) paper
  • Custom Hemp Solutions – Custom Hemp Solutions provides sustainable hemp-based print and promotional materials for businesses and creative professionals in any industry
  • COMING SOON! – Hemp Steady – Hemp Steady is a clothing and lifestyle brand that helps people discover the best hemp clothing and lifestyle products on the market
  • COMING SOON! – Undisclosed – Check back regularly to be the first to know about our newest brands

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What We Do

McBlaze Media provides creative marketing solutions for businesses working in and around the cannabis industry.

Specifically, we provide strategic consulting in brand development and marketing strategy and we help our clients identify, source, and develop innovative hemp products with specializations in print, packaging, and apparel. We also offer web design and digital marketing services.

Whether your business exists only online or you have several physical locations, we will help you strengthen your brand.


Why We Do It

McBlaze Media is helping the world discover what cannabis can do. 

Our goal is to support and develop businesses that demonstrate the cannabis plant’s full potential as a medicine, climate remediator, and provider of high-quality consumer and industrial goods. 

McBlaze Media is proud to be working alongside brands, nonprofits, and advocates who share and embody our mission to show the world what cannabis can do. 

We hope you’ll join us.

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